Are you still waiting for a PlayStation 5? Then there is good news!

If you are still waiting for a PlayStation 5 console, you need less patience.

The messy introduction of the PlayStation 5 led to disappointed fans who were late for the presale. If you had not booked very early, you were fishing next to the net. Due to a production delay, it was unclear for a long time when there would be enough PlayStation 5 consoles again, but there is good news.

PlayStation 5 records record sales

The first (unofficial) figures of sales since launch have now been announced. In 4 weeks, Sony has shipped and sold 3.4 million consoles. They also have an initial estimate of the production capacity for 2021, which is good news for those who are still waiting for a PS 5 console.

That’s how many PlayStation 5 consoles will be made in 2021

The report shows that Sony wants to have between 16.8 million and 18 million consoles roll off the line by 2021. That plan can only succeed if Sony also manages to obtain sufficient parts. That previously seemed like a problem, but there too, great strides are now being made. For example, the producer of the processors has now increased the production capacity by 40 to 50%. The really good news is that production capacity for 2021 will not be evenly distributed throughout the year.

When can you expect the new consoles?

Sony previously stated that it plans to ship 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles by the end of the first quarter. According to the report, they are on schedule. This means that after the 3.6 million PS 5 consoles already sold, we can expect 6.4 million consoles in the first quarter. This leaves between 10 and 12 million consoles to be produced for the rest of the year. For comparison, over 5.3 million consoles (excluding Japan) of the PS 4 were sold in the first 3 months. So there should be fast enough capacity to quickly provide the waiting gamers with their PlayStation 5 console.

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