“Are you going to release my sister into the wild now?”

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Some children are immediately inseparable from their new brother or sister and others wonder when this new addition will leave home.

Sascha (37), mother of Ravi (11) and Niva (5).

“During the very first walk with sister Niva in the pram, our son, who was five at the time, asked: ‘Are you going to release her into the wild now?!’

“He didn’t know any better than babies went back into the wild after a short time”

Ravi was already a big Freek Vonk fan at the time. He didn’t know any better than baby animals returned to the wild after a short time. I think it was more Freek Vonk’s language than that he really meant that we would put her in the bushes. At least, I hope so. He was and still is fond of her. It made me laugh and explained that this is not the case with babies and that she would absolutely come home after the walk.”

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So damn alone

Janette (41), mother of Lars (17), Roos (16), Sofie (5) and now pregnant with the fourth.

“As the youngest child in a blended family with two teenagers, Sofie is quite often alone. Brother steps, sister with her boyfriend or they are both with their father. And then suddenly she is an only child. “I’m so glad I’m getting a sister. At least then I’ll never be lonely again,” she said after our announcement, with her unmistakable sense of drama.”

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