Applications to speed up and slow down a video

With the arrival of smartphones a few years ago, their great versatility and their general power to make video edits (something unthinkable before), the possibilities offered to the owners of these technological jewels have been able to gain in user experience. Making visual effects borrowed from cinema / audiovisual such as speeding up and slowing down a video in order to add an emotional side to its videos has therefore become possible, in a qualitative way, without requiring great efforts to be able to achieve it. There are specific applications that take care of these visual effects, smartphones with IOS (operating system) Apple or Android and even computers: you are free to slow down or speed up your videos like a pro.

Video acceleration / slowing down: striving for simplification

Simplifyapplication ergonomics / video slowdown / acceleration software is the most obvious thing that jumps out at the first use: nothing to do and even incomparable with previous generations, the latest software is accessible to everyone.

Despite everything, many average users who want to think of themselves as budding directors doubt their ability to adapt, their room for improvement, the fact that they cannot get there because they have never done so. While anyone, even a beginner, is able to succeed relatively easily and progress easily.

It is now possible to change the speed of a video by speeding it up or slowing it down by a few simple steps with comprehensive guides explaining everything step by step and will prove to those who doubted them that with this extra help, they could do it too. With very often, greater margins of progress than people who know a little more about it, which will motivate them to embark on the deep end of the first video editing to speed up and slow down videos smartphones IOS Android, Apple and Pc.

It will therefore be interesting to spend a little time getting acclimated to this kind of software to create beautiful effects, whether they are transition effects or during a certain given action: the palette offered by this kind of apps / software is still impressive and the ease of implementation to use it is a definite advantage. The ergonomics for slowing down and speeding up videos are very often instinctive.

Software – Apps: free or paid?

Smartphone working with Apple’s proprietary IOS system? Or other brands with an operating system running Android? Free or paid? Questions that some people will legitimately ask themselves. Each will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What should be borne in mind is that quite often the free versions come with fewer options, may be apps limited in terms of options and possibilities. While the paid versions will be more successful and unbridled versions (many are in free version and upgrade by paying a certain amount to migrate to the paid version, but much more complete in many respects).

Ideal for beginners, the freeware versions (free) / free apps allow you to discover the basics: even restricted, they will support users who want to try their hand at slowing down and speeding up a few videos as novices for basic videos. On the other hand, the paid versions are very often versions with many options enriched compared to freeware, which will be complete in order to take advantage of the multiple software resources which justify the purchase of a licensed product. Perfect solution for lovers of video editing to use it on a regular basis.

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