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Universal truth, love for sport is experienced differently. On the one hand, amateurs of disciplines or undisputed fans of world sports stars, and on the other, the stars of sport bets, even more passionate. All in all, the sporting passion embraces more than one, certainly because of the advantages of its practice.

For sure, there is no need to recall the social impact of sporting events, promoting cultural mixing and making it possible to mark mentalities. On human health, sport also has proven benefits, without forgetting of course, the economic tool that it can represent, with an essential role in the promotion of development objectives.

Mobile apps for sports results: the SofaScore reference

Popular and attractive, SofaScore offers results and statistics from several sports and competitions around the world. Equipped with innovative features, it designates one of the first providers to provide virtual betting competitions. The reputation of the application has earned it more than 20 million active users per month, with the particularity of providing the analyses, statistics, strengths and weaknesses of athletes for the happiness of enthusiasts.

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LiveScore and the Ronaldo Effect

It didn’t go unnoticed, when the mobile app managed to turn soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo into an advertiser. Indeed, the application hides a panoply of monitoring functionality and live animation by professionals to allow sports fans to follow the results in real time. LiveScore thus provides instant sports results, schedules, news from several sports disciplines such as hockey, football, tennis and many more.

BeSoccer: everything for football

The app is arguably the quintessential app for football results. It provides news instantly, offering a large number of features that can be adapted as desired. All information on a football event is available there, such as rankings, cards, calendars, individual statistics, state of form… As a result, BeSoccer received in 2016 the prize for “Best Google’s App of the Year, with over 20 million downloads to date.

What application for sports bettors: the Overlyzer solution

Overlyzer is considered the best sports app for bettors. It stands out on the forecasting market as a decision-making support tool, offering complete real-time analyses, statistics and information.

Once downloaded and installed, Overlyzer offers an interface with screens dedicated to bets, with specific filters to obtain statistics and live predictions, in relation to the bets made. These different specificities are real allies for lovers of online betting. These online bets are increasingly in vogue in France and around the world, with the risk of loss and a need for profitability which oblige punters to associate themselves with trend analyzers or consult specialized sites.

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