Apple’s iPhone13 Expected To Have A Design Similar To Older Models – Except For A Thinner TrueDepth

With the arrival of a new year, a tech geek looks forward to new technology and the arrival of his favorite electronic gadgets in an updated avatar. Such enthusiasts look forward to seeing the kind of new features or facilities the upgraded model of a particular device will offer. Sometimes, they don’t even mind replacing their well-functioning gadget with a newer version of it if they are convinced about the fact that it offers better features and is worth the investment.

Ever since the launch of the first generation or the first model of the iPhone in the year 2007, Apple has been releasing a new range of iPhones every single year. Keeping up with the same tradition, the global tech giant is expected to unveil the new phones in the iPhone 13 series this fall. There are a lot of murmurs and unconfirmed reports floating about how different the iPhone 13 is going to be from the earlier models.

According to the latest reports, the upcoming range of iPhones by Apple might just have a thinner TrueDepth ‘notch’ and a marginally broader body that could be a result of the slight changes made to the camera array facing backward.

The Japanese tech blog Mac Otakara, which has multiple sources in the Chinese supply chain of Apple, has stated that the upcoming iPhone 13 model incorporates limited but crucial changes to enable the development of a slimmer TrueDepth package.

Some of the prominent design changes include repositioning the ear speaker of the unit in the direction of the edge of the display screen closer to the chassis. Though not mentioned in the report, the wisdom of technical experts suggests that because of these design changes, the speaker could end up being placed in the bezel of the iPhone.

The last released iPhone models feature the Face ID cradle and the speakers are placed between much larger components. The front-facing camera and the dot projector are positioned on the right. The infrared camera and the flood illuminator are placed on the left. Apple did incorporate the miniature versions of a few TrueDepth components in iPhone 12 but this particular experiment did not really result in the creation of a ‘notch’ region.

The report, released earlier today, also claims that the rear-camera unit on the next-gen models of iPhone 13 will be 0.9 mm thicker. The new design will feature an integrated unit. Each of the camera modules is expected to be flush mounted and wrapped up with a block of sapphire glass.

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