Apple’s iOS 15 is a thorn in the side of Facebook and is about to retaliate.

He threw the imaginary glove into the ring as the first Apple when in iOS 14.5 introduced a novelty concerning transparency of application monitoring. This is to prevent monitoring of user behavior within applications for the purpose of personalized ads. Of course, Facebook, whose advertising revenue reached last year, doesn’t like that $ 84 billion. Also Apple’s iOS 15 is a thorn in the side of Facebook And no wonder.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg in response to the limitations of personalized advertising on the iOS operating system obul to Apple because of the novelty that the apple company has introduced for developers in its AppStore application store. Apple is pushing to use his in-app purchases custom platform in addition, it takes the whole from each such purchase 30%.

Facebook therefore until 2023 offers completely free paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges and any new independent news products for content creators.

To make matters worse, Facebook will also launch a new “payroll interface” for content creators to see what effect different fees and taxes have on their earningswhich applies to individual companies. It is therefore clear that this step is directed against Apple.

Apple’s iOS 15 is a thorn in the side of Facebook

However, Apple caused other wrinkles on Facebook’s forehead by introducing the operating system iOS 15 pro iPhone. In it, the Cupertin company has updated the News application, so that users can now via iMessage share photos, music from iTunes, web links and more. So there are features that we can find for some time on WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger from Facebook.

The application for video calls was also new FaceTimewhich Apple also brings to Android and Windows. For example, users can use the new feature SharePlay to stream video or audio.

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