Apple’s iMac 2021: fright, let up!

The tension is increasing, everyone wants to finally see the new iMac 2021, because it should come in a new form for the first time in years. The following draft, which takes up the current rumor, is a shock … but later the desired aha effect.

The iMac has offered few surprises in recent years. Apple updated the interior of the all-in-one computer, but the shape remained unchanged. On the one hand, this ensures value retention, on the other hand, sooner or later boredom arises. But that’s all over this year, the experts have long agreed: The iMac 2021 will also be one new shell to get.

Nobody has seen it yet, but the reports from the informants are similar – Elements of the iPad Pro (narrow display frame) are therefore a symbiosis with the structure of the sauteuren Pro display XDR on. The Italian design student can help those who still can’t imagine what this means Alberto Rapisardi on the jumps. Be design would like us a possible Presentation of the new iMac 2021 show, which will also be the first iMac with Apple’s own chips. Apart from an ambitious handicraft project by a tinkerer that Apple already anticipated.

iMac 2021: Mac mini + Pro Display XDR = new all-in-one?

Image: Alberto Rapisardi

On the first view comes the concept a bit clumsy therefore – a shock. To put it bluntly, a Mac mini was married to a Pro Display XDR. But appearances are deceptive Grace of design shows up above all from different angles. Then the aha-effect sets in all of a sudden.

Image: Alberto Rapisardi

Adorable of the View of the “rear part” and on the side waist. The actual computer base then no longer looks so coarse, almost graceful.

Image: Alberto Rapisardi

If Rapisardi has its way, the customer can choose between one 24-inch and a 28-inch model choose. He is silent about the resolution, but 4K and 5K as already now, are probably the minimum among the technical data.

Image: Alberto Rapisardi

The iMac inherits the simple stand attachment. If you want, you can also use VESA adapters and hang the iMac on the wall or connect it with alternative swivel arms. Clever: The iMac can also be used as an external display, a feature that has been wanted for years.

Image: Alberto Rapisardi

The connections can be found in the computer base, i.e. in the foot, and should leave nothing to be desired. There was even room for older USB-A ports.

This iMac is almost 20 years old? Can not be, right:

Re-design: a mouse that is sorely needed

Self keyboard and mouse get a re-design. We just don’t really want to believe in the Touch Bar. Apple allegedly wants to eliminate this in future MacBooks. So why should they be reintroduced to the iMac first? A redesigned Magic Mouse, one that you no longer have to put on your back to charge, is more desirable. The design shown here finally removes this “eyesore”.

Image: Alberto Rapisardi

We are still only seeing a draft here, but Apple’s new iMac will be available soon actually to be admired. An appearance at a possible Apple event in March is not entirely out of the question, but we would rather do a later one Release date in May or June expect.

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