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There are several ways to measure the value of a company. And therefore also to rank the largest companies in the world. Total revenue, total profit, assets or the price at which companies are acquired. I think Apple prefers to look at the total market capitalization. Because for the first time in world history, a company closes the trading day with more than 3 trillion dollars in market capitalization.

Nearby once before

The day is Friday, June 30. At the close of business, Apple was worth more than $3 trillion. It is not the first time that Apple has tapped the three trillion mark in market capitalization. That already happened on January 3, 2022. But that was only during the trading day. When the stock markets closed, the counter was back below 3 trillion. No other company has ever reached such heights. Apple has a total of 15.7 million shares on the market. During the trading day, the high rose by more than 2 percent to around $ 194. As long as the share price remains above $190.73 per share, Apple will retain the $3 trillion in market capitalization.

For three days now, Apple has ended the trading day with record values. Although things have certainly gone less fast in recent days than on Friday the 30th. Apparently, the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro earlier this month did not bother the company. The introduction was not considered by everyone to make perfect sense. The most recent quarterly earnings were also very good. That while sales and income declined.

A year of peaks and valleys

A 1% increase in stock market value in a single day is no sinecure. Over the year as a whole, the numbers only get more impressive. This year has seen a 46% increase so far. Such figures fall into a broader trend in the tech market. Large tech companies are currently selling their shares well. Partly due to the developments in the field of AI, the shares are popular. Investors are clearly convinced by the “AI” sales pitch.

No one currently benefits more than computer hardware maker Nvidea. Shares of the company are up 181% in value this year. It is not for nothing that Nvidea complains about the possible sanctions that the company will have to tolerate from the US government. Facebook parent company Meta also sees the share price rise sharply (137%). However, things are not always going well for Apple. At the beginning of this year, the counter was still below 2 trillion. The poor wretches.

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