Apple will assemble in India its range of iPhone X from 2019

By 2019, the new Apple iPhone X will be assembled in India because of the attractive cost of Indian labor.

iPhone X

Foxconn is a key player in assembling smartphones and is Apple’s historical partner in assembling iPhone.The Taiwanese giant is preparing to assemble the iPhone in India .

relocate to India its activity in recent years.The company is mainly attracted by the country’s cheap labor force It should be known that in China the cost of labor Increases year by year, pushing Chinese companies relocated their activity.In fact, the decline in sales iPhone impact on the performance of Foxconn ] which is the main assembler of the smartphones of the mark with the apple. iPhone in India allows Foxconn to keep a good margin despite the decline in iPhone sales.

Apple: iPhone made in India from 2019

The production of part of the range of iPhone X (X, XS, XS Max and XR) will be carried out in India from 2019. The relocation of the manufacture of the iPhone in India will be a first for Foxconn . The Taiwanese plans to invest 312 million euros to expand his plant which is Sriperumbudur in the Tamil Nadu . According to the Tamil Nadu State Minister of Industry, there will be 25,000 new jobs at stake.

The production of iPhone X in India is expected to boost sales of newer iPhone models in the Indian market. For a long time, the old models iPhone including the generation iPhone 6 knows a great success in India. With the manufacture of iPhone in India the price of the iPhone should be more attractive in the country allowing the brand to the apple to be established on the Indian market . A market that should allow it to turn the corner since its sales have been revised down for some time.

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