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Apple Watch Ultra review round-up: beloved screen and battery life

The first international reviews of the Apple Watch Ultra have already appeared online. In this Apple Watch Ultra review round-up we list the conclusions for you.

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Apple Watch Ultra review roundup

The Apple Watch Ultra is the biggest upgrade since the original Apple Watch in 2015. The new smartwatch has a more powerful battery and better sensors. The Apple Watch Ultra will be available in stores from September 23 for 999 euros. The first reviews are positive, but some downsides have also come to light.

The Verge

Victoria Song of The Verge particularly praises the long battery life of the Apple Watch Ultra. She is also very pleased with the multifunctional side button. According to her, physical buttons are more reliable if you want to scroll through the different views during training. You also have no trouble using them with sweaty fingers or gloves.

One downside, she says, is that you don’t get any information about your recovery after your workouts. The Ultra collects enough information to advise you on how long you should rest, but nevertheless says nothing about this.

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CNBC’s Sofia Pitt points out that the Apple Watch Ultra is fine for serious exercisers. She also praises the long battery life and also the improved water resistance. At the same time, she finds the Ultra unnecessarily extensive for the average user.

She also complains about the size of the Apple Watch Ultra. According to her, it is soon much too big if you don’t have too thick wrists. For that reason, she also doesn’t find it comfortable to wear the Ultra while she sleeps.

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apple watch ultra review round-up

Men’s Health

Brett Williams of Men’s Health is enthusiastic about the large screen, which is excellent to read during outdoor exercise in direct sunlight. He also tells extensively about his favorite watch strap, the Alpine Loop. He explains: ‘it has just the right amount of stretch, so that the Ultra fits well on my wrist without being too tight.’

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CNET’s review is by Lexy Savvides. She particularly likes the user-friendliness, the dual-frequency GPS for more accurate tracking, the additional microphones for better quality calls and the customizable side button to quickly start activities.

What she misses is the ability to download offline maps on the watch for when there is no mobile signal. That is something that is possible on the more expensive Garmin watches, for example.

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apple watch ultra

The Gear Loop

Leon Poultney of The Gear Loop is also positive about the excellent screen, and the long battery life from 36 hours in normal use to 60 hours in powersafe mode. He does say that the Garmin Fenix ​​7 Solar lasts no less than 20 days in the powersafe mode. He also praises the very accurate GPS of the Apple Watch Ultra.

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Buy Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is robust and packed with features for athletes and adventurers. The Ultra is ideal for trail running, hiking in the mountains or deep sea diving. If the smartwatch detects that you are in the water, an app is launched that allows you to easily monitor the water temperature and depth.

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