‘Apple Watch Series 8 won’t be so innovative’

The Apple Watch Series 8 is unlikely to get a sensor for measuring blood sugar or body temperature. This reports Apple analyst Mark Gurman.

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Apple Watch Series 8: no new sensors

A glucose meter for the Apple Watch has been talked about in the corridors for years, and there have also been rumors of a body temperature sensor. “But don’t expect this one too soon,” reports the well-introduced Gurman of Bloomberg.

Apple had plans last year to introduce the sensor for measuring body temperature with the Series 8 of 2022, but according to Gurman, there is hardly any talk about it at Apple. The chance is therefore small that the Apple Series 8 will monitor your body temperature, and you will receive a signal if it is too high.

Blood sugar sensor

You don’t have to count on a sensor to measure blood sugar this year either. In fact, according to Gurman, a launch is “at least two to three years away.” The Apple insider will not be surprised if the glucose meter does not appear on the Apple Watch until 2026 or later.

Apple is rumored to be working on a way to non-invasively monitor blood sugar levels. This is done with the help of optical sensors, so that you measure the glucose without stinging. It was previously announced that Apple is a major customer of British start-up Rockley Photonics, which develops optical sensors for measuring blood pressure, glucose and alcohol content.

The lack of new health sensors is disappointing, because the Apple Watch Series 7 was not overflowing with innovations. Furthermore, little is known about what Apple changes to the new smartwatch. The Series 8 may get a new design, with flat sides. The Series 8 is also rumored to come in an extra large format.

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