Apple Watch from abroad does not work 100% in the Netherlands

Are you planning to buy an Apple Watch abroad? Please note: not all functions of a foreign Apple Watch work in the Netherlands!

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Apple Watch from abroad: does not always work completely in the Netherlands

If you want to buy an Apple Watch abroad, you have to pay attention. You then have the chance that not all functions will work when you use the smartwatch in the Netherlands (or Belgium). Fortunately, it is not so bad that you can no longer read the time or use the sports functions. No, the problem is in the eSim on the cellular version of the Apple Watch. But what can’t you do with it?

Two types of the Apple Watch

Let’s start with the basics. Apple sells two types of smartwatches: a ‘regular’ WiFi version, and one with cellular. In the past, the cellular version of the Apple Watch was only available abroad, and you only saw the WiFi version in the Netherlands. The Apple Watch with 4G is now also available everywhere here.

An Apple Watch with Wi-Fi relies heavily on the paired iPhone. For example, your Apple phone must be nearby to make calls with your Watch. You don’t have this ‘problem’ with the Apple Watch Cellular.

To actually be able to use an Apple Watch with 4G, you also need a provider in addition to a suitable watch. In the Netherlands you can contact KPN and T-Mobile for this. You can then set up the eSim so that you can make calls with the Apple Watch without having the iPhone with you.

This does not work if you bought an Apple Watch in America, for example. The Apple Watch then uses different frequencies. Officially, Apple says that the Apple Watch Ultra, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE are made for the country in which they are sold. More information can be found on Apple’s Apple Watch page.

Apple Watch updates

You can therefore use a foreign Apple Watch Cellular for all common tasks, but it is not always possible to use the cellular function in the Netherlands. To be sure that you can use the cellular function, you should not buy the Apple Watch abroad, but in the Netherlands.

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