Apple Watch Detects Blood Clot And Saves Someone’s Life (iPhone News #25)

An Apple Watch saved a young woman’s life by discovering a blood clot. This is the most important Apple and iPhone news of the week!

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Apple Watch detects 29-year-old’s blood clot while she sleeps

Wearing your Apple Watch all the time can save your life. 29-year-old Kimmie Watkins experienced this firsthand.

Her Watch recently helped doctors discover a life-threatening blood clot in her lungs. Without Apple Watch, she might not even have woken up.

→ This is how the Apple Watch saved her life

iPhone 15: Scratches are a thing of the past (and here’s why)

iPhone 15

Whenever a new iPhone is launched, Apple likes to put the new colors and design in the spotlight. But in the end, the beautiful device still ends up in a case.

However, you no longer have to put the iPhone 15 in a case because of scratches. At least, if this Apple patent becomes reality. You must know this.

→ Are scratches a thing of the past?

iOS 16.5.1 is out – here’s why you really need to install the update

iOS 16.5.1

Another new iOS update is available for your iPhone! It is an interim update, which mainly has to solve major security issues in iOS 16.

iOS 16.5.1 fixes two major issues. It is therefore important to install the update as soon as possible.

→ These issues are resolved

More privacy in WhatsApp with these two new features

whatsapp privacy

Another new version of WhatsApp is available for your iPhone. The new version mainly focuses on your privacy, which will soon be much better protected.

With the update, two new settings will therefore be added to improve your privacy on WhatsApp. Do you want to make sure that your data is private? Then read on quickly.

→ How do I protect my privacy?

MacBook Air 2022 with M2 is now cheaper than ever

MacBook Air 2022 price difference

Do you want a lightning fast laptop from Apple for an excellent price? Then look no further, because the MacBook Air 2022 is now cheaper than ever! You then get an advanced MacBook with an M2 chip. This will keep you going for years to come. Quickly check the lowest prices!

→ Check out the cheap MacBook

Facial recognition is insecure: is iPhone’s Face ID too?

face id below screen

Many smartphones nowadays have some form of Face ID, but according to the Consumers’ Association there is a major problem. With many smartphones, facial recognition is easy to bypass by using a photo.

Especially the cheap smartphones and the middle segment are susceptible to this hack. But what about the iPhone?

That’s how secure Face ID is

This old iPhone is still the most popular camera in the world

iphone camera

Do you also take all your photos and videos with your iPhone? Then you are not alone, because a lot of moments are captured with the iPhone. There are so many that an iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. We’ll tell you which one it is!

→ Which iPhone is so popular?

Spotify with lossless audio is really coming (after 6 years)

spotify lossless audio

The popular streaming service Spotify announced a new subscription with lossless audio years ago. Unfortunately, that version never materialized, but this long wait now seems to be coming to an end.

Spotify is working on a new subscription, with which you can finally listen to your favorite music with the highest sound quality!

→ When will the subscription come?

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