Apple Watch 7 can’t do it: Setback for the smartwatch

Bad news from the rumor scene. The most anticipated health feature will probably not be ready after all, the Apple Watch 7 just can’t do it. A hard setback for the smartwatch and of course for Apple. GIGA knows the background.

We and millions of potential customers were so happy. According to a report, Apple had made it and would give the Apple Watch Series 7 very special sensors. They could then measure the blood sugar level for the first time and without a pikser (non-invasively). It has long been suspected that Apple was working on such a feature. Not only diabetics could do something with it. In the past, they had to determine their blood sugar levels in the traditional way. Either via a drop of blood that is drawn or via continuous glucose measurement via an implant.

Apple Watch 7: blood sugar measurement not on the smartwatch after all

But now nothing will come of it. How EverythingApplePro with reference to the well-known industry insider Max Weinbach reported, the Apple Watch Series 7 is not equipped with a blood sugar measurement. The reason? Apple wouldn’t be ready yet. Ergo: The manufacturer should not be satisfied with the results yet. Probably, so our assumption, the measurement results are simply still too imprecise.

A major setback for the iPhone manufacturer. Particularly bitter: First place will be left to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It should already have the feature and is expected this year. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that Samsung’s smartwatch will work more precisely. Apple, on the other hand, will not introduce such an important feature prematurely and prefer to play it safe. After all, you have a reputation to lose.

This rather unknown watch has an EKG and can also measure blood oxygen levels, but it is cheaper than Apple:

It has been built up over the years. The Apple Watch is considered a pioneer among smartwatches. Last but not least, Apple kept surprising people with sophisticated health functions. These include, for example, the built-in EKG (electrocardiogram) or, finally, the functionality of a pulse oximeter to be able to determine the oxygen content in the blood.

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Sven Kaulfuss12/13/2020

Where’s the surprise?

However, it remains unclear what Apple would like to surprise with the Apple Watch 7. In contrast to the iPhone 13, the rumor mill does not yet provide an answer. One possibility, however: the design. There are always good-looking designs that require a new or modified form. So far, however, these are not really realistic. Regardless of this, we will find out no later than the autumn when the new smartwatch is released.

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