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Apple Vision Pro: guest and travel modes are revealed

Now that the development tools (SDK) are available for the Apple Vision Pro, it is possible to discover some elements. Here we are talking about the guest mode and the travel mode offered by visionOS, the operating system of the headset.

As the name suggests, guest mode lets someone else test their headphones. The headset owner can enter a code to restrict access to certain applications and settings. Activation is done from the control center. Apple says guest mode will turn off automatically if no one wears the headset for five minutes.

Then comes the travel mode which aims specifically to improve the user experience on board an aircraft. Given the confined space of an airplane and the unique environmental factors that can present a challenge for VR devices, Travel Mode appears to be Apple’s solution to ensuring a smoother experience.

Apple Vision Pro Airplane Interface

Several lines were found in the visionOS SDK code:

  • Are you on a plane?
  • If you’re on an airplane, you must keep travel mode on to continue using your Apple Vision Pro.
  • Stand still in travel mode.
  • Stand still while this mode is disabled.
  • Some awareness features will be disabled.
  • Current fit may reduce gaze accuracy.
  • Turn on travel mode when you’re on a plane to continue using your Apple Vision Pro.
  • Your representation is not available when travel mode is enabled.

Obviously, it is difficult to really get an idea of ​​the travel mode without having the helmet with you, although the Apple simulator allows you to get a first idea.

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