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Apple unveils its AirPods Max for the modest sum of 629 euros

At the end of this year, Apple still has a surprise in its boxes. The AirPods Max wireless headphones have been unveiled. A high-end product for a price above the market.

With its range of AirPods, the Cupertino company has established itself as the dominant company in the field of wireless headphones. Whether it’s the first generation or even the AirPoids Pro, the latter have often been copied but never equaled. Building on its success, Apple is varying its game with high-end wireless headphones. The AirPods Max seem to fill all the boxes up to its selling price of 629 euros.

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AirPods Max will have active noise reduction worthy of the best devices on the market

The main problem with this product, as often with Apple, is its selling price. The brand’s headphones are sold at 629 euros, which is higher than even some iPhones still on the market. It is already possible to order this product which is available from December 15th. However, it seems that the product has already met with great success, indeed at the moment if you order it online, the helmet will be delivered to you from January 7.

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The technical sheet of AirPods Max still justifies the price offered by Apple. It is a very high-end experience that is offered to you with this product. The California-based company promises future customers “high-quality sound. […] and the magic of AirPods. »The product will thus offer you an active noise reduction system to completely isolate you from the outside environment. Of course, this is not the only element present on the headset, since the Apple H1 circuit is also present. Finally, it is designed to offer you a lifespan of approximately 20 hours.

Apple unveils its AirPods Max for the modest sum of 629 euros

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