Apple TV + orders The Jet, a docu-series about a Pepsi commercial

Apple TV + ordered The Jet, a new docu-series that will revolve around a Pepsi advertising campaign in the 90s. There is no release date on the streaming service yet.

The Jet, new docu-series on Apple TV +

Pepsi was running an advertising campaign in the United States called Drink Pepsi, Get Stuff. The idea is simple: the more Pepsi you buy, the more points you get. These points could then be used to obtain gifts. 75 points allowed for a Pepsi t-shirt. It took 175 points for sunglasses and 1,450 points for a jacket.

The ad ended with a fighter jet, a Harrier, for 7 million Pepsi points. It turns out that one person managed to get that many points and therefore claimed their prize. Pepsi has let it be known that it was a joke and that they have no real plans to offer one. The person with his 7 million points therefore decided to sue the brand of soda for false advertising.

The docu-series The Jet on Apple TV + will tell behind the scenes of this commercial which was popular in the United States in the 90s. The program is presented as a nostalgic plunge into 90s pop culture and the events that happened when the person with their 7 million points wanted to any price his fighter plane.

The Jet is created by James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte. They are the ones who worked on McMillion $, an HBO documentary detailing a fraudulent McDonald’s promotion around Monopoly.

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