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Apple TV +: here, in percentage of viewing, the 10 most popular series on the platform

Since a few months, Apple shifted into overdrive to rapidly increase the amount of content on its platform streaming. In the USA, AppleTV+ now weighs between 7 and 9% of Pdm, which is no longer ridiculous, and some of its series are beginning to experience real enthusiasm with the public. But precisely, what are the most popular series of Apple TV +? JustWatch has done its small calculations (obviously on a global scale), and the results prove that daring also pays off, which bodes well for the “curation” of future productions.


Inevitably, Ted Lasso dominates the fray with 27.1% of viewings, but the series with Jason Sudeikis featured is followed by a much more airtight opening, the brilliant Severance (19.6%). Come next The Morning Show (11.8%) and the very ambitious Foundation (8.2%), which proves that the (rather unfair) criticism of the series has not had too much impact on viewers’ choices. See And For All Mankind stand neck and neck in 5th and 6th place in the ranking (with 8.2% and 7.9% respectively), followed by the excellent black bird (5.6%), Defending Jacob (5.4%), Slow Horses (4.9%) and Servant (4.2%). That’s still something different than Netflix’s top 10 (no, I won’t talk about it here, I don’t want to bleed from my eyes just thinking about it…). And you, dear reader, what is your top 10 Apple TV+?

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