Apple to Launch iPad Mini in March – Fans Can Expect a Larger Screen and a Slimmer Frame

While Apple introduced the world to the first-generation iPad in the year 2010, the first model of the iPad Mini arrived two years later in 2012. Apple iPads are known as tablets manufactured by Apple and the iPad Mini is referred to as a mini tablet computer. The iPad Mini has been an ideal device for those who wish to have a device that would be a little larger than a phone but not as bulky as an iPad.

As is the case with any other Apple product, the iPad Mini, too, has been re-introduced in the market in an upgraded avatar. Things will be no different this year and people who have been waiting to lay their hands on the iPad Mini should look for some new and exciting features in the upcoming model.

According to recent reports, the new-generation iPad Mini will boast of a larger display screen and feature a design that will be similar to that of the 2019 model of iPad Air.

The Japanese blog Mac Otakara claims that the upcoming model of iPad Mini will be launched in the market in the month of March this year. As is common knowledge, Mac Otakara has sources in the supply chain of Apple and most of the unconfirmed reports published by them turn out to be true.

It reports that the 6th-generation iPad Mini will have an 8.4-inch display screen which will be bigger than the display screen (7.9-inch) featured in earlier models. Traditional features like the lightning port and the Touch ID will be retained in the new-generation model. However, there is a possibility of it featuring a narrower frame similar to the iPad Air 3 which was launched in 2019.

One has good reason to believe this piece of information as two days back, another report by Mac Otakara had stated that the 9th-generation iPad model will have features similar to the ones found in the 2019 iPad Air.

This is not the first time one has heard rumors about Apple deciding to change the size of the display screen of one of its devices. A while back, tech analyst Kuo had predicted that Apple would launch a new model of iPad Mini in the first quarter of 2021. The size of the display screen of this device, he stated, could be in the range of 8.5-9 inches.

The last released model of iPad Mini came out in March 2019. There was a section of technology enthusiasts that complained about the lack of updates or improvements on it. Apple seems to have taken note of the criticism that came its way during the launch of that product and now is working towards presenting a version of iPad Mini that will be received more favorably than the current model.

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