Apple threatens to remove Talking app from the App Store

Apple leaves the Talking social network a few hours to make adjustments or its application will be removed from the App Store. The deadline is 24 hours.

In an email to the developers of Parler, Apple says it has received complaints that the app is being used by supporters of Donald Trump. The latter would have communicated on Parler to predict the intrusion on the Washington Capitol that took place this week. Unsurprisingly, Apple says the app does not follow various rules of the App Store, hence its potential withdrawal in a few hours.

“Our investigation found that Parler does not effectively moderate or remove content that encourages illegal activity”, Apple wrote in his email. The manufacturer adds that the contents “Present a serious risk to the health and safety of users”. He also notes that Parler is responsible for the content that users post. “We will not distribute applications that contain dangerous and harmful content”, indicates the e-mail.

Parler developers are instructed to submit an update to their application to Apple. They must also unveil a plan for moderation of content. If the developers do not follow the guidelines, then the app will disappear from the App Store.

Google did not wait on Android: the group has already removed the Talking app from the Play Store. For his part, Twitter has permanently closed Donald Trump’s account. The reason is that it is “Because of the risk of further incitement to violence”.

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