Apple shouldn’t make these mistakes next year

The iPhone 14 has just been released, but more and more is becoming clear about the iPhone 15. What mistakes should Apple not make when launching the iPhone 15 next year?

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iPhone 14: new satellite function and sublime camera

The iPhone 14 came out with a number of new features. The satellite function has recently become available in a number of countries and the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro is a huge leap forward.

But not everything is cake and egg. For example, the iPhone 14 Plus is a bit of an odd man out and only the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) has the nice new functions. The iPhone 15 is coming next year and we hope that this time it will be a cool upgrade for all models. Which iPhone 15 mistakes should Apple absolutely not make next year?

1. The always-on screen for all models

With the iPhone 14, Apple chose to only add the always-on screen to the Pro model. With the iPhone 15, this function should come to every model, together with the 120-Hertz screen. Enough (cheaper) other smartphones are already equipped with this, so it is high time that this also applies to all iPhone 15 models.

2. Dynamic Island on every iPhone 15

The same applies to the Dynamic Island: this new cool feature has also only been added to the iPhone 14 Pro. It is a very useful new function, which we believe can be added to all iPhone 15 models. The notch of the old iPhone models is now superfluous with the interactive island.

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3. Finally a new design?

The iPhone has changed very little in the past five years. Does Apple dare to change the design with the iPhone 15? The iPhone 15 can distinguish itself from previous iPhones with a completely new design. Apple is already rumored to be changing the buttons, but bigger changes may be on the way.

4. It’s time for a USB-C port

With the iPhone 14 models, Apple still opted for the lightning port, but with the iPhone 15 it is time for a USB-C input. According to new European legislation, all electronic devices must have a USB-C connection from 2024, which Apple can start with the iPhone 15 next year.

With a bit of luck, Apple will immediately go for the faster USB-C port with every model, so that you can transfer files to your laptop even faster. However, reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that Apple will only implement the faster USB-C port in the iPhone 15 Pro.

5. Improve the iPhone 15 camera

The iPhone 14 Pro has the best iPhone camera ever with 48 megapixels. The Pro camera has four times the megapixels of the normal iPhone 14 camera, a huge difference.

It is understandable that Apple distinguishes between the normal model and the Pro model, but the normal camera can now also use a boost. Adding the Adaptive True Tone flash feature is a good first step, as is increasing the megapixel count.

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6. Add fast charging to iPhone 15

Apple speaks of a fast charging function with the iPhone 14, but this is not even very fast with 20 watts of power. With the iPhone 15, it’s time for a real fast charging function, which charges at 100 watts. This way you can have your iPhone fully charged again in a much shorter time.

iPhone 15 features: what else can you expect?

We still have to wait for the iPhone 15 to arrive, but there is already a lot of speculation about the new functions. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will probably get a different name and the smartphone will be expanded with a periscope lens. Read five other new features of the iPhone 15 here.

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