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Apple sends “jailbroken” iPhones to security researchers

Apple has warned security researchers that they will soon receive their “jailbroken” iPhones. This follows a program launched by Apple in July. The program aims to help the discovery of security vulnerabilities in iOS to plug them behind.

These are “jailbroken” iPhones in a way based on what can be done. Security researchers will have SSH access and root access. This is not possible with an iPhone that you buy in the store. It is however possible with the jailbreak.

Apple imposes four rules with its “jailbroken” iPhone program for security researchers:

  • the iPhone is provided for 12 months (with the possibility of renewing) and it remains a property of Apple
  • iPhone is not meant to be the security researcher’s primary smartphone
  • any discovery of a security breach must be promptly reported to Apple
  • any researcher who finds a flaw with the iPhone will be eligible for a reward with Apple’s bug bounty program

In view of this program, we can expect more protections at the iOS level over the coming months. It will also be interesting to see if this will have an impact on the jailbreak. Better protection is good news for users. It is less so for jailbreak enthusiasts, since the loopholes are necessary to gain full access.

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