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Apple says: the iPhone XR is the iPhone that sells best since its release

Sales of the iPhone XR are good? Rumors suggest that it is mixed and not at the level of expectations of Apple, like the iPhone XS. Today, Apple claims that the iPhone XR is the iPhone that sells best since its availability (October 26), to the point of beating the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone XR “has been our most popular iPhone every day since the day it became available” said Greg Joswiak, vice president of Apple in charge of product marketing, from CNET . As can be expected, no sales figures have been communicated publicly, especially since Apple has decided to remain discreet following the announcement dating back to the beginning of the month .

Last week, the Wall Street Journal announced that Apple had downgraded new iPhone orders from its suppliers. Digitimes spoke of a second decline a few days later . Greg Joswiak declined to comment on this information and simply reiterated that the iPhone XR is the best-selling iPhone since its release.

In the aftermath, Greg Joswiak spoke about the World AIDS Day to be held on December 1st. It says Apple will donate $ 1 for every purchase made with Apple Pay on the Apple Online Store, the Apple Store App, and the Apple Retail Store between December 1st and 7th. He adds that this is the first time an iPhone is available in PRODUCT (RED) at launch. It refers to the red iPhone XR. Apple gives a percentage of the prize to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. “Not only does each purchase bring us closer to a generation without AIDS, but every dollar gives us five days of life-saving medicines” said Greg Joswiak

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