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Apple retailer no longer accepts cash

Customers of the electronics retailer Gravis will no longer be able to pay with cash in the future. Due to the lack of demand, the branches only accept payments with credit and debit cards.

From now on, customers of the electronics retail chain Gravis can only pay cashless in all branches. The company accepts credit and debit cards, mobile payments and digital wallets. However, paying with cash is no longer possible with immediate effect.

Lack of demand: Gravis abolishes cash

With the change, Gravis is responding to the trend that cash payments in Germany have been declining for several years. That explains the retail chain in the official notice.

Before making the decision, the company conducted tests in its stores. The result: Gravis customers respond to cashless payment with above-average acceptance.

Abolishing this payment option in the stores is therefore a logical decision in order to promote more sustainable and efficient processes.

Technology-savvy Gravis customers are happy to do without cash

The company has been observing for some time that customers are increasingly choosing payment methods such as EC cards or mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay.

This trend has intensified over the past two years. In addition, people who shop at Gravis are particularly tech-savvy and therefore like to pay with their smartphones.

Payment processing impacts store design

The fact that the type of shopping has changed is also reflected in the way retailers design their branches. At Apple, for example, a checkout counter has long been superfluous.

Gravis also presented its new store concept in the middle of last year. The classic cash register should therefore no longer exist in the future. Instead, customers can pay cashless at mobile terminals.

Gravis: Cashless payments safer, more efficient and more sustainable

For employees, the new regulation has the advantage that they need less time for transactions. In addition, the elimination of cash provides more security, for example with regard to counterfeit money and the daily transport of cash to the bank.

However, not only the exchange of cash is eliminated. In the future, receipts will also no longer be printed on paper. This is resource-saving and contributes to Gravis’ commitment to sustainability.

Cashless payment in Germany is still not a matter of course

In Germany in particular, the decision not to use cash is a peculiarity. statistics According to this, 72 percent of citizens prefer to pay in cash.

A report by mirrors according to Gravis, however, does not expect difficulties. Be prepared that there may still be a need for explanation at the beginning, but assume that most customers can understand the advantages of cashless payment.

Consumers will now be informed of the new regulation by displays in the checkout area of ​​the stores. You can also find out more in the general terms and conditions.

With currently 40 stores and several online shops, Gravis is Germany’s largest authorized Apple retail chain and the largest certified Apple service partner in Europe.

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