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Apple removes money-lending apps over nudity deepfakes

Apple has removed several apps from the App Store in India that promised money loans. The problem comes from their practices, to the point of sharing nudity deepfakes.

Removed apps include Pocket Kash, White Kash, Golden Kash, and OK Rupee, among others. Some of them have been quite popular, to the point of being in the top 20 most downloaded finance apps on the App Store in India.

Some of these apps falsely claimed to be associated with banks and other legitimate financial institutions, before engaging in practices such as charging a processing fee of half the amount lent, plus interest rates. exorbitant interest.

People who were unable to afford these fees faced even greater problems. The apps asked users to allow access to their contact list when they applied for a loan, and the companies then threatened to message all their contacts if they didn’t pay. The message could be a nudity deepfake, i.e. a fake nude photo of the user.

Apple recognised that he removed the apps because they violated the license agreement and the developer program guidelines. “The App Store and our app review guidelines are designed to ensure our users have the safest experience possible. We do not tolerate any fraudulent activity on the App Store and we have strict rules against apps and developers who attempt to cheat the system”said the manufacturer.

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