Apple pulls the plug: iPhone app is badly thrown out

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There is only one boss in the App Store: Apple itself. The makers of a certain app now also had to register this, which the iPhone manufacturer kicked out for good reason.

Apps keep “disappearing” from the App Store, Apple is tough and not always particularly transparent or fair. But sometimes such a deletion action can also be traced directly, as in the current case. As “The Verge” reported, the iPhone app “Vybe Together” was removed from the App Store shortly before the end of the year. The purpose of the app was previously to organize illegal underground parties. Not a particularly good idea in times of the corona pandemic and the associated and necessary contact restrictions.

iPhone app for illegal corona parties: Apple makes short work of it

In the advertising approach, the app developers made no secret of it and advertised the app with the words: “Get your rebel on. Get your party on “. In other words: become rebellious. Make your own party. Incidentally, the developers wanted to earn by participating in the entry fees for the illegal parties. It is not surprising that Apple is now putting a stop to this and ending the hustle and bustle without further ado.

Incidentally, the creators were not only kicked out of Apple, the app developers’ Instagram account can no longer be reached either. Previously, they shared a single message that could be understood as a kind of justification. It was written: “Blown out of proportion by the media. We DO NOT CONDONE LARGE GATHERINGS. ”- translated:“ Depicted in the media excessively. We do not tolerate large events ”. The previous advertisement by the app makers on TikTok leaves no doubt about the intention.

These apps can and should be on your smartphones:

Even without app support: Prohibited mass parties

Recently there were huge illegal rave parties in France and Spain for attention and great shaking of the head. Thousands of participants celebrated for days until the authorities were finally able to stop the hustle and bustle. Corresponding proceedings have been initiated. As a reminder: Germany is also still in lockdown, events like this are illegal in this country too and result in severe penalties.

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