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Apple Pay launches in South Korea

Apple Pay finally takes date South Korea. The arrival of the payment system in the country was planned for this month of March, but Apple and his partner hyundai finally agreed on a date. Apple Pay will therefore be available on March 21 in South Korea, and for the occasion, Apple has planned a huge marketing campaign. Apple’s service will therefore have taken eight years to make its way to the country of Steven Yeun.

As a reminder, Apple Pay will initially only be available for Hyundai Card payment cards, which South Korean users will therefore be able to save in the Wallet app. The exclusivity with Hyundai will certainly be temporary knowing that the financial regulator of South Korea has validated the service (which it would probably not have done with an indefinite exclusivity). The arrival of Apple Pay in South Korea had precisely been delayed by the financial regulator, who wanted to check the terms and conditions of the service as well as other regulatory aspects of the deal passed between Apple and Hyundai.

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