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Apple offers a better recovery when buying iPhone XS or XR in the United States

Apple really wants you to buy an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR, so much so that the manufacturer is ready to make a move . The GiveBack program, which takes back old devices and allows for a discount, is more generous in the United States if you buy an iPhone from 2018.

When you exchange an iPhone 6 or a newer device, Apple will grant you up to $ 100 additional credit for the purchase of a new iPhone XR or iPhone XS. For example, an iPhone 6 that normally gets a $ 75 credit is now eligible for a $ 150 credit. And if you trade an iPhone 6s Plus, you will receive $ 250 instead of the $ 150 you normally have. A recovery for the iPhone 8, however, will only go from $ 275 to $ 300.

Some will note that it is possible to have more money by selling oneself iPhone to a particular. It’s not false. In any case, it is interesting to see that Apple is doing the necessary to sell its latest iPhone, which would have some difficulties in terms of sales.

As a reminder, Apple has already lowered the price of the iPhone XR in Japan . Beautiful discounts were also granted on Amazon for Black Friday . It’s really rare, especially since the iPhone is new.

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