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Apple Music is coming soon to Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo

The partnerships between Apple and Amazon are multiplying. , the apple firm surprised us by accepting the sale of its iPhone on the platform of Jeff Bezos.Now, we learn that Apple Music, the music streaming service of Apple, will land on the speaker connected Amazon Echo .

Apple Music accessible from Amazon Echo from this month of December

Apple understands that, if it wants to gain the maximum number of subscribers for its music streaming service, it must open up to others and go where users are. Amazon Echo is one of the most widely used connected speakers . The gadget, hosting the intelligent voice assistant Alexa within it, already operates some music platforms like Deezer, Spotify or the home platform Amazon Music. The arrival of Apple Music will only enrich it . But for its part, the California giant will also benefit. This collaboration will enable him to attract new subscribers for his service . And although he is much more fond of the closed system, he is obliged to open up to be able to afford a place in this ultra-competitive market.

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So, would this be a first step towards a large-scale opening? We do not know for the moment. But if the apple firm opens to Amazon, what prevents it from doing the same for Google? Although nothing is yet certain, it is possible that Apple Music will also be available on Google Home soon.

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