Apple Music is coming soon on Android tablets, a first available beta

Apple thinks again to users on Android. A new beta of Apple Music (stamped 2.7.0) has emerged from the testers and adds support for tablets. The app was only optimized for smartphones so far (with the exception of the iPad, of course).

The interface on Android tablets is similar to that found on iPad. The big screen is fully exploited to display more items than on a smartphone, which allows for a more complete overview of albums, playlists, featured artists and more.

In addition, Apple took the opportunity to add a menu bar at the bottom of the screen to get even closer to the proposed design on iOS. This is new for Android tablets and smartphones. The suggested menus are Library, For you, Explorer and Radio. The search tool is on the top right, where iOS has a dedicated menu at the bottom of the screen.

If you’re interested in Apple’s beta on Android, join the program from this address then download Apple Music from the Google Play Store . Apple does not yet say when the final version with the support of Android tablets will be proposed, but we imagine that there will be before the end of the year.

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