Apple mentions M1X MacBook Pro in YouTube tags of WWDC keynote

During Apple’s keynote on Monday, June 7, our expectations were high. Could the new MacBook Pro with a faster M1X chip be announced? Unfortunately the laptop did not work. Still, Apple did mention the device in the video’s metadata.

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Thanks to Apple analyst rumors Jon Prosser and Daniel Ives we were hoping for a new MacBook Pro with an upgraded M1X chip during Apple’s WWDC keynote. However, the laptop was not announced. Remarkably enough, the device is mentioned in the form of a tag, which can be found in the metadata of the keynote. The dubious tag was discovered by Apple YouTuber Max Balzer.

While uploading a video to YouTube, you will be given the option to add tags. These tags ensure that your video is seen by the largest possible audience. In addition to the “M1X MacBook Pro” tag, more obvious tags such as “iOS 15,” “WWDC,” and “Developer” are hidden in the video’s metadata.

Apple confirms with the tag that it knows about the M1X chip. It is not known whether that is because they are working on the chip themselves or because the company is cleverly responding to the rumors. The tag may imply that it won’t be long before we get to see the new MacBook Pro with an M1X chip.

Perhaps the tag was just a clever social media trick. Apple was probably aware of the rumors surrounding the new MacBook Pro. By adding the tag to the keynote, it could benefit from the hype surrounding the as yet unannounced laptop.

More about the new MacBook Pro

Thanks to leaked schematics and a good dose of rumors, we already have a pretty good idea of ​​these new Macs. For the first time since 2016, the design is being overhauled, with a design that is more in line with the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro 2021 with sharper edges.

In addition, the Touch Bar is deleted and the physical function keys return. This MacBook Pro will also have all kinds of connections in addition to USB-C. Leaked info has revealed that HDMI and SD card connections are returning to the MacBook Pro for the first time since 2015. As a result, you will need an adapter less often.

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