Apple makes shopping more convenient: old acquaintance is making a comeback

After years of abstinence, Apple’s online store has finally found its place on the website of the iPhone manufacturer – the comeback of the year. What to see

In recent years, Apple’s online store has been hiding a bit on the manufacturer’s website, actually you only got to the shop page via detours or you used the app of the same name on the iPhone. But now Apple brings the online store back and gives the shop its own tab and a redesigned shop homepage (Source: Apple).

Apple’s online store is “back”

From now on, the “Store” tab can be found again directly within the top navigation bar on Apple’s website – directly as the first point next to the Apple logo. “Older semesters” will remember what it used to be, until Apple decided years ago to “remove” the store. Well, it was never gone, but it was pretty hidden. Finally, the online purchase function was seamlessly integrated into the product pages on the website. Now, however, there is an alternative to direct entry using a clear entry page.

Reiter and Apple Store are finally back and fresh as a dew (Image: GIGA, screenshot).

The style and design is based on Apple’s store app. Quite above we see the most important thing – the individual product categories for Mac, iPhone and Co. They serve as direct shop entry for the individual products or for the respective configurator. Below there are also sections for product news, accessories and editorially prepared topics.

A little more attention is of course always paid to the “offline stores”, as seen in the video:

Apple’s good reason

Especially new customers who do not even know and use Apple’s store app should benefit from this rather classic approach. If you have a direct purchase intention, you don’t necessarily want to work your way through the product page first, but go directly to the online store and purchase the desired product. From now on this is easily possible again on the Apple website – what a comeback.

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