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Apple loses battle against Corellium for iOS virtualization

A judge in Florida ruled in favor of Corellium in its fight against Apple for the virtualization of iOS. The manufacturer filed a complaint in August 2019, accusing Corellium of replicating iOS and its applications illegally.

Apple had requested that Corellium no longer be authorized to offer its iOS virtualization system. But Judge Rodney Smith did not agree with him. He believes that Corellium has not violated copyright law. He also dismisses Apple’s argument that Corellium’s tool can fall into the wrong hands to facilitate the iPhone hack.

“By weighing all the necessary factors, the Court finds that Corellium has discharged its burden of establishing reasonable use”, declared the judge. “Thus, its use of iOS in connection with the Corellium product is authorized”, adds the judge.

Last year, Corellium felt that Apple wanted to eliminate the jailbreak permanently with its complaint. Its tool is actually used by some researchers / hackers to find security holes. But for the company which offers virtualization of iOS, its tool allows above all to find flaws which are then reported to Apple. This allows the iPhone maker to fix them with an iOS update.

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