Apple is working on iPhone case with built-in AirPods charger

Apple is researching a new iPhone case with a built-in way to charge your AirPods and other accessories.

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‘iPhone case with AirPods charger discovered in patent’

This is evident from a patent (discovered by AppleInsider) that the company recently filed. The attached images of the patent show how this should work.

The text in the patent is still very vague, and describes the possibility to charge all kinds of external accessories. However, in almost all images you can clearly see AirPods, which can be placed in specially designed notches in the case.

Apple seems to keep all options open for the design of this cover. From a folio case to a wallet, a flip cover to a sleeve, it seems the company is not yet sure about the shape. There is also a MagSafe Wallet-like drawing on display with, in addition to a holder for your debit card, two circular notches for your AirPods.

In the images, a flap cover is used, where a battery is incorporated in the flap that protects your iPhone screen. In addition to charging AirPods (or AirPods Pro), there would also be room for a small screen. You can then see what time it is and a notification will appear when you receive a call.

Renewed focus on accessories

The new patents that Apple has filed in recent months mainly focus on accessories. The company seems to want to expand the range of covers with new possibilities, in which such a rechargeable case fits perfectly.

The only question is the role that the included charging case of the AirPods still has. With this box you can fully charge AirPods several times. It therefore seems to be mainly an accessory for people who find it inconvenient to carry this charging box and prefer to just put their iPhone in their pocket.

It is difficult to say whether and when Apple will actually release this new case. Such patents are often the first steps Apple takes to develop a new product. As soon as we know more about this, you will of course read it iPhoned.

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