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Apple is going to address this issue of the M1 Mac

Do you have an Apple Mac with the new M1 chip and do you want to connect it to an ultrawide screen? Then you come home from a rude awakening.

Lightning fast and fresh off the press. These are the brand new Macs from Apple with the M1 chip introduced this year. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to connect this Mac to a so-called ultrawide screen. Simply because Apple’s support for this M1 chip is still lacking. It’s one of those things that come with the novelty of this chipset.

Apple M1 Mac and ultrawide monitor

Fortunately, Apple is currently working on a fix, according to 9to5Mac. The fix comes through a software update to macOS. The question is when. So you really have to be patient. Until then, connecting your Apple Mac M1 to an ultrawide monitor is not an option. At least ..

If you really want to connect your ultrawide monitors to your new Mac, there is a possibility. You then have to download and install the SwitchResX program. But then again, you’re stuck with a third-party tool on your new Mac. And that only to connect a screen. Waiting for Apple’s official support is a better idea.

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