In September, Apple presents the iPhone 15 to the world. That’s for sure, but it doesn’t stop there. The inventive manufacturer has even more products up its sleeve. Apple insider Mark Gurman is already revealing what awaits you in the near future.


Apple caught everyone’s attention earlier this month with the Apple Vision Pro, but the year has more to offer than just fairly expensive data glasses that won’t be released until 2024 anyway. The iPhone 15 is certainly of great interest to many customers apart from that, it doesn’t get boring.

In addition to iPhone 15: New Apple Watch 9 and Ultra

Apple expert and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman now reveals what Apple is still working on (Source: Bloomberg). The insider speaks of two versions of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 and one updated version of the current Apple Watch Ultra. Apple’s internal code names for these three models are already known – N207, N208 and N210. However, the numbers do not yet reveal any technical details.

iOS 17 is no longer a secret, coming shortly before the iPhone 15 in the fall:

The new smartwatches are considered set for Gurman, other products are also still in the pipeline, which could, but do not necessarily have to appear this year.

iMac, iPads and Co: Other innovations in Apple’s pipeline

The focus here is above all new Macs with the expected M3 chip. Specifically, the insider speaks of upcoming new products:

  • MacBook Pro (13 inch) with M3 chip
  • MacBook Pros (14 and 16 inch) with M3 Pro and M3 Max
  • new iMacs with 24-inch screens
  • Apparently Apple is also working on an iMac with a display beyond 30 inches (a potential successor to the discontinued iMac Pro)
  • new MacBooks Air (two model numbers are mentioned)
  • iPad Pro with OLED screen (two code names are rumored here too)
  • iPad Air, which is set to replace the M1 model

In contrast, there is one in a rather early development phase at Apple third generation of AirPods Pro and new home products like smart displays and an Apple TV with improved specifications.