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Apple has officially introduced the AirPods Max. You will pay over CZK 16,000 for them

What happened, probably no one expected this year. Apple has officially introduced its new AirPods Max headphones. These are headphones aimed more at audophiles and individuals who are able to appreciate quality sound, construction and especially those who are willing to pay a relatively large amount. So let’s imagine them.

Apple has officially introduced the AirPods Max headphones

The headphones offer active noise cancellation ANC and adaptive equalizer. It can adjust the sound in real time according to where you are and also of course according to the sound source. The Apple H1 chip takes care of all this and you can connect them to your device with Bluetooth 5.0. Unfortunately, there is no way to connect the headphones by wire. You can find the port on them, but it is used purely for charging. Speaking of which, AirPods Max is said to last up to 20 hours of play on a single charge. We will stay with the body for a while. We can find on it, for example digital crownwhich is very similar to the Apple Watch. It is possible using it control volume, music controls, skip tracks, receive phone calls or activate Siri voice assistant.

You will also find a button to activate it here ANC / Transparency mode. On the contrary, it is able to amplify the sound in your area, but we were surprised that Apple did not mention any classic mode here. Apparently we won’t find a power button here, so the headphones will turn off and on as needed. Of course, there is a function that recognizes whether you have headphones on or not, and based on that, it starts playing or pauses the sound. AirPods Max have a total nine different microphones, six of which are used exclusively for active noise cancellation, one for voice recording and the other two can do both.

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