‘Apple has found a solution for swollen iPhone batteries’

Apple wants to prevent iPhone batteries from swelling in the future. Filed patents show that the company is actively working on solutions to prevent these kinds of problems.

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‘This is how Apple wants to prevent swollen iPhone batteries’

The first patent shows that Apple is thinking of putting a metal casing around the iPhone battery. This separation ensures that telephone parts can also be placed around the battery. Currently this is not the case. The iPhone battery is now disconnected from other components due to electrical charge.

Apple describes that the new method is not only safer, but also more efficient. Because the internal iPhone parts are placed closer together, the device can become thinner. Apple is known for its minimalist design in which products are often made as thin as possible.

Sensors check whether the battery is swelling

Apple is also thinking of placing sensors around the battery, the second patent shows. These sensors give an alarm when the battery starts to grow. Then an attempt is made to weaken the bulge and prevent further bulges. Among other things, the processor is temporarily made less powerful.

iPhone bloated batteries

Apple uses lithium-ion batteries. These can in some cases swell as a result of a chemical reaction. In the worst case, it could explode and / or catch fire.

This occurred, for example, with copies of the Galaxy Note 7, a Samsung smartphone from 2016. Some iPhone 8 Plus phones also suffered from this problem.

Tips for your iPhone battery

Smartphone batteries wear out. As a result, they drain faster over time. There are several apps available to check the health of your iPhone battery. When your battery drops below a certain level, it is wise to have it replaced. Before doing this, it is wise to calibrate the battery of your iPhone first. This way you know exactly how full your battery is.

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