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Apple has a nice Christmas present for developers in the App Store

Photo @Apple

Apple is giving developers in the App Store a nice Christmas present in the form of halving the commission they have to pay!

Apple has begun their new App Store policy for small developers. Until recently, app makers had to pay no less than 30% of their turnover as a commission. That has now been reduced to 15%, which is quite an improvement on the controversial monopoly system used by virtual app stores.

Apple App Store helps small developers

The new scheme was announced last month after a minor revolution started in app land. Fortnite’s Epic Games, in particular, fiercely opposed (and failed) Apple’s alleged monopoly.

Still, Apple may be a bit shocked, because the commission is therefore going down here. App maker Jacob Gorban illustrates the new arrangement by showing his sales. On December 24, he made $ 50 and that left $ 42.50, or 85%. Previously he only had 70% or $ 35 left!

However, it is only the beginning of the Apple App Store abuse for many developers. As a developer, you have to sign up for Apple’s Small Business program. You can only do that if you earn less than a million dollars a year.

Some media write that developers still pay 15% on the first million, with the old 30% taking effect on everything above. However, that is not explicitly stated on the linked page.

Nevertheless, the new arrangement would help the vast majority of developers in the App Store, according to Apple. After all, it is likely that the majority of all app makers do not come close to a million dollars in turnover.

On the other hand, critics argue that Apple is mainly doing it to appear sympathetic, as the company has recently been scrutinized by lawmakers. Whatever the reason, Christmas just got a little bit more lucrative for app developers!

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