Apple gives out bonus based on behavior

At Apple you don’t just get a bonus, even if you ensure good financial results.

It is very common to receive a bonus at large companies if you have made a significant contribution to the financial results of the company at a top level. This was also the case at Apple for a long time, although the American tech company is changing the rules.

Apple bonus

With an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Apple opts for a new strategy. Not only a contribution to good financial results is important, but Apple also looks at your contribution in the field of sustainability and behavior. What have you contributed to a better environment and what have you meant on a social level when it comes to diversity in the workplace? Issues like these play a part in getting a bonus from Apple from now on.

It’s an extension of the behavior we’ve seen at Apple in recent years. The company tries to present itself as a green boy. Among other things, with the environmentally friendly Apple Park and the omission of plug adapters with products. Ultimately, this image clashes with reality. Because no matter how green Apple wants to present itself to the outside world, the fact is that the products of the brand are put together by cheap forces in Asian countries. And that paints a strange picture.

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