Apple explores dynamic keyboard for Macs

Apple has filed a patent for a dynamic keyboard. Future Macs may have buttons that each have their own screen. This way they can not only display a letter, but also other content.

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New Macs get a dynamic keyboard

Keyboards have been the same for years, but that could change. Apple has filed a patent for a dynamic keyboard. The keys would all have their own screen. It can just show letters, but also other signs. The function of the keys is therefore variable.

The keyboard of your MacBook or iMac can thus adapt to the content on the screen. For example, if you play a game, you will see an image of the function it currently has on the key. If you use Photoshop, they can show certain edits.

Simpler applications are also conceivable. There are different layouts for keyboards worldwide. Not only are there many languages, but in some countries certain tests are in a different place than ours. If they are software adaptable, Apple only needs to make one version of the keyboard.

An addition to the Touch Bar

It remains to be seen whether we will actually see Macs with this dynamic keyboard. Apple files many patents every year. The company does this mainly to prevent competitors from running away with the idea. Not all of these patents are reflected in products that actually come onto the market.

Still, this keyboard seems like a logical step for Apple. Just think of the features that the Touch Bar adds to the MacBook Pro. The Toch Bar also dynamically adapts to the content on the screen. A dynamic keyboard would work well with that.

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