Apple Expected To Launch New iPad Pro in March – Only 12.9-inch Model to Feature Mini-LED Display

Apple is gearing up to bring out the next-generation iPad Pro range in the month of March. There was a lot of excitement among Apple enthusiasts with the news of Apple implementing the Mini-LED screen technology in its upcoming iPad Pro models. Now, however, there are reports of this technology being used only in the 12.9-inch model.

What are the ‘sources’ saying?

The Japanese tech blog Mac Otakara, which files regular reports and news about Apple, stated that it received the aforementioned information from sources who were aware of the implementation of these plans at Apple’s end. According to the blog report, a fifth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro and a third-generation 11-inch iPad Pro should be launched in March.

Mac Otakara further cites its sources and states that the structural design of the iPad Pro will be the same as the last released model. There will be one difference though. The larger variant of the device will be 0.5mm thicker than the model which was launched in 2020. A bit of extra headroom has been allotted to the upcoming model to make space for the new mini-LED components. The marginal increase in the breadth should not be a problem for those who prefer light-weight and easy-to-handle devices.

What does Mini-LED technology offer?

The mini-LED technology is also expected to improve the visual appeal of the display on the screen and augment the overall viewing experience. The Mini-LED system consists of a plethora of distinctive sources of light that work towards illuminating different parts of the LCD screen in a bid to improve contrast ratios and enhancing the color reproduction process. A technology similar to the kind used in Mini-LED display is used in Apple’s Pro Display XDR. The one significant difference here is the LEDs, which form a part of the Pro Display XDR, boast of a bigger physical size than the Mini-LED.

Mac Otakara also claims that apart from the high-end Mini-LED backlighting, the upcoming iPad Pro range will feature an improved sound design. It remains unknown whether there will be an improvement in the quality of the speakers or some new technology will enhance the audio experience. If one believes the sources, then there is a possibility of a reduction in the number of speaker holes and a modification in the way the chassis is positioned.

Some of the other modifications include a minor tweak in the rear-facing camera of the iPad Pro. Most of the changes have been made keeping in mind the feedback Apple was getting from the users of the earlier iPad Pro users.

This piece of information further consolidates the buzz about Apple planning to introduce updated models of the iPad Pro, along with the first Mini-LED device from the company, in the first quarter of 2021.

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