Apple event supposedly on March 23: that could be presented

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Apple’s first event of the year should traditionally take place again in March. There are signs that there will be some new products – most notably a new iPad Pro. And what else?

Every year, Apple holds an event in March to ring in the new product year. However, the first product announcements of the Apple year are not associated with a major event such as the launch of the new iPhones. Last year, the new iPad Pro models and the accompanying Magic Keyboard were only “revealed” with a press release. Whichever way the new products are announced, we should keep an eye on March 23 for this.

Leaker: Apple event probably on March 23, 2021

Like Jon Prosser and Kang as well as the lesser known leaker Ihacktu announce on Twitter that Apple could hold an event on March 23rd. Oneplus in particular shouldn’t like the date: The smartphone manufacturer wants to unveil its Oneplus 9 series on the same day.

Kang, active on Twitter under the handle Duan Rui, had revealed all kinds of details about the iPhone 12 (test) in the past before the official fall event. Prosser is also considered to be quite accurate with his leaks. In the past few months he has correctly predicted some Apple product presentations: He was correct with the iPad Pro and the new iPhone SE (2020) as well as the Airpods Max (test).

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In addition to March 23, a few weeks ago March 16 was still in the room. This appointment was canceled by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman on Twitter. However, he indicated that there would still be an event.

If Apple has planned a March event, it should again be held virtually like the last events in view of the ongoing corona pandemic. But what could Apple have in store?

iPad Pro (2021) with new display technology

iPad Pro: The 2021 12.9-inch model could appear with a mini LED display. (Image: Apple)

Like last year, March should bring a new generation of the iPad Pro to life. Visually, the 2021 model may not differ from the current version – innovations in terms of the display and the processors are to be expected.

According to rumors, Apple should at least install a mini LED display in the large 12.9-inch model of the Pro tablet. Screen technology brings many advantages of OLED displays, such as energy-saving local dimming and a large color space. The well-known OLED disadvantages such as burn-in should not, however, exist. In addition, mini-LED displays would enable lighter and thinner components and higher contrast.

The new iPad Pro generation is also likely to receive an optional 5G modem in order to adapt it to the wireless standards of the iPhone 12 series. An A14X-Bionic-Chip is used as the processor. It is said to be a higher-performance variant of the A14 bionic chip that is installed in the iPhone 12 models and the iPad Air 4. Apple took a similar approach with the previous iPad Pros.

Is there also a new iPad Mini coming?

The iPad Mini was last updated in 2019 – a new model is expected in 2021. (Image: Apple)

In addition to the Pro models, Apple could show a remake of its iPad Mini, which was last updated in 2019. It was first forecast by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in May 2020. With the update, the smallest iPad gets a larger display. It could grow from a 7.9-inch to an 8.4-inch diagonal. With regard to the design, no major changes should be expected in the upcoming iPad Mini as in the iPad Air 4. It keeps the Touch ID button under the screen and the Lightning connector, they say.

New airtags and airpods in the running

This is what the Apple Airtags should look like. (Image: John Prosser)

If you believe Prosser, Apple should have more products ready for a launch. Among other things, the Gagdet trackers Airtags, which have been expected for years, are a candidate for the March event. The airtags, which are no larger than a two-euro piece, should be able to be attached using appropriate accessories such as cases or key fobs. It was last expected to be presented in November 2020. Ultimately, the focus was on the new Macs with the in-house chips.

In addition to the iPads and Airtags, a new generation of Airpods is also ready to hit the market. The third edition of the earplugs is optically and in terms of their construction more based on the current Pro models, but still does not offer active noise suppression. Thanks to the silicone ear pieces, they should sit better and more firmly than the previous Airpods in the ears.

Airpods 3 Apple Leak

The presumably first photo of the Airpods 3. We should soon find out whether it is real. (Photo:

Apple could also reissue the Pro version with active noise cancellation in the first half of the year. According to reports, they are set to become more compact and completely lose their stem, which could tend to resemble Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro. However, it is questionable whether the new Airpods will be shown in March.

New Apple TV with a gaming focus

A new generation of Apple TVs should have been ready for months. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Prosser is convinced that Apple’s new edition of the set-top box Apple TV is ready. Like the Airtags, the TV box has been expected to be presented for months. Accordingly, it is uncertain whether Apple could present the product in the first or second half of 2021.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman assumes that the new set-top box will have a stronger gaming focus than the last generation – presumably to strengthen the Apple Arcade platform. There is also talk of a new remote control and a more powerful processor.

Is an iPhone SE 3 coming?

As the last possible product for the March event, rumors are circulating about a new edition of the iPhone SE (2020). The Japanese blog Macotakara recently reported on such a product. However, the post did not provide any details about the equipment.

iPhone SE 2020

Apple’s iPhone SE in the iPhone 8 Plus design could appear as a 5.5-inch version this year. (Image: Apple)

Whether Apple wants to renew its inexpensive SE model once a year is definitely questionable. After all, the group let four years pass between the first and second generation. However, the idea of ​​a larger version with a 5.5-inch screen, which Apple has been working on for a long time, would be conceivable.

As a rule, the announcements during the March event are relatively manageable. We do not assume that Apple will introduce all of these products on the 23rd. However, at least the Airpods and possibly also new iMacs with a major redesign should be presented in the coming months. If the Airpods do not make it into the March event, we will tap a release by May at the latest.

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