Apple comes up with an iPhone case that can charge AirPods

Always have AirPods with a full battery in your pocket with this smart iPhone case, with which you can charge them.

It is not the case that the battery life of the AirPods is disappointing. In fact, if they are almost empty, you can simply recharge them in the case. But then you have to take that case with you, of course. Apple has come up with a smart iPhone case that you can charge AirPods. This way you no longer need the case. A very smart solution and especially useful if you are traveling, for example.

iPhone case that can charge AirPods

The patent has been registered by Apple, Appleinsider reports. A patent is not a guarantee that the idea will be realized as an actual product. However, it is interesting to see Apple thinking about this product. Because it sounds quite brilliant. You always have the AirPods at hand, because we always have our smartphones within reach. That they are fully loaded with it is also a bonus. So you never have to worry that they will suddenly run out during a long plane flight, because you already used the AirPods while walking at the airport. Just to give an example.

You can also use the case as an extension of your case. With two ways of charging you have an extra guarantee that you do not have to worry that the battery of your AirPods will run out. Now fingers crossed that Apple is indeed going to enforce this patent into a product that you and I can buy.

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