Apple CEO Tim Cook had a monster salary last year

Working as an employee can be lucrative, just ask Apple CEO Tim Cook who raked in a monster salary in 2021.

Apple is the world’s most valuable company on the stock exchange. The CEO of the company must therefore receive a nice salary, I hear you think. And that is of course true. Tim Cook has been CEO for ten years and he has made nearly $100 million in the past year. Not bad for an employee!

Apple CEO gets a monster salary

This is approximately 88.5 million euros. He was able to credit this to his bank account in 2021. However, the largest part of this amount was paid out in shares. His base salary has been $3 million a year for years. He received additional shares in 2021, because he led the company for ten years. In comparison: in 2020 he received a ‘pale’ reward of 15 million dollars. So last year was a good year for Cook.

In addition to the $3 million previously mentioned, he was awarded $12 million as the company met its sales and operating profit targets. He also received shares worth $82 million. They can also rise or fall further. He may not sell these shares directly. Of all the shares he has received in the past year, he is allowed to sell 5 million. This amounts to an amount of more than 750 million dollars.

Other costs

The CEO of Apple must be properly secured. $1.4 million was earmarked for this in 2021. This amount also includes the use of private aircraft. Cook is also required by the board to use these planes when he is not working. If you consider that, then the amount is not too bad. Or he just flies little, that is also possible.

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