Apple cell phone cases promise great change

In a few days, Apple will most likely present the iPhone 13 to the world. The right covers are already available to buy and they promise a big change in the truest sense of the word.

The accessory trade is usually faster than Apple itself and already lists before the actual presentation of new iPhones, precisely fitting cases. If you take a look, you will find confirmation of real innovations.

iPhone 13: Apple integrates a larger camera hump

This is currently the case with Rainer Wolf, Managing Director of the Apple-authorized dealer Arktis. He shows us the freshly arrived plastic cases for the iPhone 13 in the in-house blog. In a direct comparison with the current iPhone 12 Pro, reveal and confirm the cases for the successor a much larger camera hump – the optical phalanx is growing visibly (source: blog).

The much larger camera recess in the case for the iPhone is clearly visible (Photo: Arctic).

Apparently, the camera doesn’t get any more discreet. This decision Apple is unlikely to appeal to every user. In our last reader survey, for example, there were quite a few respondents who were prefer a flat iPhone back wish without a hump.

But it doesn’t come to that. Obviously, Apple thinks that the larger the camera area, the more competently the iPhone 13’s optical capabilities are perceived – a little bit Marketing and Customer Psychology stop.

Not just marketing

Customers can expect actual camera improvements But then, not just marketing. In this context, new features such as a video recording in ProRes quality and other software functions such as editing and effect features could be heard from the rumor mill.

The GIGA readers’ iPhone, which is designed according to their own wishes, no longer has a real camera hump, which can be seen in the Video:

Apple could announce the new smartphones at an event on September 14th. If the manufacturer wants to meet the presumed deadline, we and other press colleagues expect corresponding information about a week in advance. Ergo: Apple would have to show its colors no later than calendar week 36 and send the longed-for e-mail.

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