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‘Apple AR glasses have reached the design stage: production to start at the end of 2024’

News has surfaced around the Apple Reality headset. The Apple AR glasses are now in the development phase and Apple is well on the way to fleshing out the look and design.

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“Apple is the first to design AR glasses”

We’ve been hearing a lot about Apple Reality (or Apple’s VR/AR glasses) lately. These mixed-reality glasses ensure a smooth transition from AR to VR and back. The Apple Reality is rumored to have two 8K screens and a powerful chip under the hood.

New rumors tell us that Apple first wants to bring AR glasses (augmented reality glasses) to the market. These Apple AR glasses have entered the new design phase, according to Jeff Pu (a tech journalist). That means that all parts function and that Apple can now provide the device with a beautiful design.

The (design) prototype should be ready by the end of this year, according to Jeff Pu. At that moment the glasses can be shown to the people of the board. If they agree, mass production can begin. Jeff Pu expects this to happen in the second half of 2024.

‘AR-Glass is different from Apple Reality’

While all reports point to a mix between VR and AR, the hardware doesn’t seem to confirm the rumors. Unlike the AR/VR device, this ‘AR-Glass’ would focus entirely on the augmented reality technology.

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This means that Apple is not yet ready to fully dive into the digital world with VR. So a first step in this universe for Apple will be AR.

According to an analysis by another Apple analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo), these first glasses would replace the iPhone in 10 years. Just imagine: in a decade we won’t have phones in our pockets anymore. Instead, we all have Apple-designed VR or AR glasses on our heads. What do you think about that?

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