Apple Announces iOS 15 – This Is All New

Apple finally officially announces iOS 15, including a laundry list of new features. This is all new to the iPhone operating system.

During the Apple WWDC 2021 keynote, the company will officially announce iOS 15 for later this year. The denominator iOS 15 is of course no surprise, as is the fact that the company will also come up with a renewed operating system for iPhone this year. Nevertheless, there are some impressive new features. This is all new to Apple iOS 15.

Apple iOS 15

Facetime (for Android and web!)

Apple is tackling FaceTime in times of corona. For example, the video calling app makes it easier to differentiate where sound comes from. With the new Grid View, FaceTime mimics where the sound comes approximately today in conversations with multiple people. Oh, and you’ll soon be able to make calls in portrait mode too; the background is so blurred.

In addition, Apple is polishing the sound features of the app with iOS 15. For example, through machine learning you can isolate your own voice, while background noise is filtered out. Or if you just want to let everything be heard, there is also an option for that.

Finally, you already read that FaceTime is coming to Android and Windows. Users will soon be able to create an invitation link. You can then send that link to anyone, even if the recipient has an Android device or non-Apple computer. So you will soon be able to make video calls with anyone.


In addition, iMessage will receive a minor update. In the chat you will now receive an overview if many photos are shared. From iOS 15, Apple bundles such photo dumps in one clear package with a slick Apple design. You can also pin messages to easily find something.

By extension, the Library categorizes all your received photos into handy folders. iOS 15 does that automatically, so you can easily view a folder with vacation photos, for example, without memes, screenshots and other junk in between.


Notifications are another point that Apple has paid a lot of attention to for iOS 15. For example, you can set your status in detail, for example ‘work’, ‘personal’ and ‘do not disturb’. Each of these statuses has a different way in which iOS 15 sends notifications. Of course you can customize all of that and you can even create your own status with unique notification rules.

Furthermore, the operating system can filter what is important or not based on your status. Apple calls the status ‘at work’, with the OS, for example, only reporting messages from colleagues. After all, the latest YouTube video can wait. Apple sends that notification to the Summary, a collection of notifications that you can open at appropriate times.

Live Text

A small yet impressive new feature is the improvement of Live Text. iOS 15 can recognize text in pictures, where you can even copy written text and paste as normal text. Also phone numbers and even objects are automatically recognized.

Weather and Maps

Finally, Apple is introducing some changes to the Weather and Maps app with iOS 15. Starting with the latter, Maps is getting some big changes. For example, the maps are becoming increasingly detailed and even contain 3D objects such as landmarks, but also overlapping highways. Unfortunately, this is currently only available in select countries outside the Benelux.

Detailed information about public transport is also included in the app. This way you can receive a notification when you have arrived at your stop. In select US cities, users can even scan their surroundings to find out exactly where they are and what the nearest stop may be.

Apple also adds thousands of live weather representations to the dedicated app. These are moving images that illustrate what the weather is like. Even the position of the sun must be accurate.

release date

Apple will release iOS 15 in the fall of 2021, but a developer beta has already been released. Apple will release a public beta in the course of next month (July) for bug- and crash-resistant people. iOS 15 will most likely be released along with iPhone 13.

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