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Apple activates the anti-tracking feature ApkRig

Facebook shouldn’t like this message at all, but you all the more: Apple is apparently switching on its new tracking protection from iOS 14.4. The innovation already appears in the beta – and not only there.

Last week Apple released the first beta version of iOS 14.4. And in the meantime, some testers have reported from which apps have asked for tracking permission, as MacRumors reports. You can see the innovation in the tweet below.

Tracking demand sporadically in iOS 14.3

As of iOS 14.4, apps must first get the green light from you if they want to track your activities via other apps in order to display personalized advertising. Or as the NBA app puts it in the screenshot: “Your data is used to give you a better viewing experience.” Most users will presumably be able to do without that.

Occasionally, the feature seems to be activated under iOS 14.3. At least that’s what users report in the MacRumors forum. Apple has announced the big rollout for 2021, which is supposed to take place in January or February. Originally, Apple had already planned the innovation for the release of iOS 14, but then postponed the function so that companies can prepare.

Facebook complains

Affected companies are likely to be less enthusiastic about the iOS 14.4 innovation. Apple is not about your privacy, but its own profit and would weaken smaller providers, Facebook recently complained. “We believe that users should have a choice about what data is collected about them and how they are used,” Tim Cook recently responded on Twitter. While Facebook scolds, users should be satisfied and see the feature as a further step in the right direction.

Most recently, Apple released iOS 14.3. The new version of the operating system has some new features for your iPhone on board. For the most exciting innovation, however, you need an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. Some functions also affect Apple TV and AirPods Max.

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