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Apple accepts an external audit on its management of civil and human rights

The union push in US Apple Stores and the proto-AppleToo# movement have cast a shadow over the management of the most basic human rights within Apple. After Apple’s almost surreal efforts to curb union inclinations in its physical stores, the tide could be turning: under the pressure of a group of investors and shareholders, Apple has accepted the principle of an external audit relating to its management of labor law as well as human and civil rights.

Apple has submitted a document to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) confirming the proposed external audit. It is noted that Apple’s decision, surprising in the context, comes just after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) workers’ union sued Apple for alleged violations of trade union rights in the cities of Atlanta and New -York City.

The document provided to the SEC specifies that Apple will engage a third-party company to handle the audit, either “a company that has expertise in labor rights and does not advise companies on how to avoid unionization. It is also recommended that this company be as independent as possible”. Finally, Apple specifies that the audit will be carried out before the end of the current year and that a report will be made public in the process.

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